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Aden & Greg “G Money” Walker


Originally uploaded by R. J. Malfalfa.

This is from the Original Other People Show-12/28/06-from the VisuliteTheater in Charlotte, NC. This was our first complete original band members reunion in at least 8 years or more. We have done some before I moved to Hawaii from NC, and I was part of 1 show in 2004, but “G Money” has never been able to make it.

Greg lives in Charleston-plays with the Blue Dogs sometimes-but mostly he has a great family and wife…and he has his own booking/stage company-Other Brother Entertainment-he is a hard working great guy who has come a long way since we first played and parted ways in the Other People band. Greg has soared way high in life, and it is so good to see one of your buddies making the most of the talents he was born and raised with. G Money-keep on rocking and raising that family-proud of you brah-

The cool kid is from another friend-Sabryah-ain’t he so cute- he will be a musician someday-his mama makes sure he gets lots of music to listen and play with-


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