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Aloha-Back In Hawaii-SoKind

sunset over Magic Sands Hawaii

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Back from my long mainland trip-so goooood to be back in Hawaii-
went swimming every day- lost the 12 pounds I gained over the holidays in 10 days back on da island-

Thankful my friends-both in the carolinas and on Big Island for looking out for me when I most need them-Big hugs to you all-

Shift happens-happening big time for me-
Stay tuned for more- Love Ya-Peace Out-RJ Mal


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Aden & Greg “G Money” Walker


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This is from the Original Other People Show-12/28/06-from the VisuliteTheater in Charlotte, NC. This was our first complete original band members reunion in at least 8 years or more. We have done some before I moved to Hawaii from NC, and I was part of 1 show in 2004, but “G Money” has never been able to make it.

Greg lives in Charleston-plays with the Blue Dogs sometimes-but mostly he has a great family and wife…and he has his own booking/stage company-Other Brother Entertainment-he is a hard working great guy who has come a long way since we first played and parted ways in the Other People band. Greg has soared way high in life, and it is so good to see one of your buddies making the most of the talents he was born and raised with. G Money-keep on rocking and raising that family-proud of you brah-

The cool kid is from another friend-Sabryah-ain’t he so cute- he will be a musician someday-his mama makes sure he gets lots of music to listen and play with-

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waipio waterfall 6/2006

waipio waterfall 6/2006

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this is a great pic with my son-in-law Billy-(he’s a great guy-hope all dads are as lucky as me)

This was taken at Waipio Valley-near the black sand beach-this waterfall is only there at certain times according to da rainfall-we got luck this day and the waterfall was kicking hard with a lot of flow-

Waipio Valley is a special place-located on the north side of Hawaii Island-pretty serious 4-wheel drive ride in there-and you bettah have the aloha spirit in this small valley-too many toursits don’t understand that-and cruise down in here at trespass on some of the nicest taro patches in the land-or they hike randomly across people’s property

If you are a tourist-be kind-and pay for one of the many tour guides comanies to take you down in here-

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Hawaii No Ka Oi-Hawaii Da Best

sunset at Honaunau 2006 Hawaii

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I live in a very rural-country-jungle type section of Big Island Hawaii-
not far from where I took this picture-
it is on the western coast of Hawaii island or Big Island, Hawaii, U.S. Located at the southern end of Kealakekua Bay. It was once the traditional seat of the Hawaiian kingdom of Kona and is now a small fishing community, and there are a few big ranches there as well.

This picture was taken at Pu‘uhonua O Honaunau -which is now a national park dedicated to preserving the area as it was decades ago.
I am lucky in that I get to spend at least once a week at the small beach just south of the heiau-it is a gorgeous place-there is good snorkeling at -2step-another small nice beach area close to the Honaunau Canoe Club’s party area. I have played many parties here at the canoe club’s cool little stage area.
At the Honaunau beach, you see lots of locals and of course tourists-but you also see baby luaus, graduation parties, wedding, and sadly even a few funeral parties at this beach-great place to chill and grill-there is a hiking trail too-and some decent places to get into the water-but alas there is no big sandy beach-not a problem for me-I say make the best of what you got-

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Rev Bidi goes to singing

Rev Bidi goes to singing

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Rev Russ Bidi (Betenbaugh might be his real name or an alias-)

A guy with heart and soul when it comes to stepping behind the keyboard-pays with NC band -Hobex-still travels around sometimes in a van with other musicians-

I’d like to see my boy someday front his own band-doing da stuff he chooses-with a brand new set of keyboards and amps that some nice music company donates-

Bidi-u are “da man” -keep looking for your right path.

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Trip to North Carolina From Hawaii 12/2006

Had an interesting and great trip back to North Carolina-grew up in NC but have lived in Hawaii on the Big Island for over 6 years..

The differences are amazing-mostly the landscapes… the huge number of cars and brand new houses where country used to be-grey skies instead of blue (well it is winter in NC)..we almost NEVAH have grey skies on da Big Island-…..people actually are similiar I think everywhere, just that in Hawaii they come in all colors-you get used to being around so many different cultures in Hawaii..such a beautiful thing I’ve come to realize. I missed seeing diffeent faces and different colors of people(some call them races of people-but in Hawaii I dont think like that at all) is different cultures….However nice people are nice people no matter where you go-just look for that smile and twinkle in their eye and you will know they are ok.

Seeing lots and lots of my old friends from school and from playing music in multiple bands over many years from Charlotte to Boone NC was great-almost all of them have that smile-that twinkle-that happiness in life-so good to see-in Hawaii we call it “The Aloha Spirit”. Playing music with my buddies from the ole Straps was great-missed the Cranny on drums but we managed in spite-Mike-Mason BAD Accountant Boy Dave on guitar, BUzbin, and Stevie on Da Vocals-all sounded good and most even looked good for being over 40 years old. Wish I could be there every week on tuesday nights to play and sing the blues-well…maybe some day Ill go back to NC to live-

Played with my long running band buddies-The Original Other People-we were a traveling band for over 7 years (i think..hmmm)-Greg DaWalkman…Jrock on Guitars blazing-Bally Man singing and Playing-Rev Russ Bidi laying down da holy church grooves on piano and organ-me RJ Malfalfa just trying to keep up but feeling good while I did it-
I got into working out and eating right in year 2006 and lost mucho weight and showed up feeling good-I play in 3 different projects in hawaii right now music fingers were all good. I wish all these boys good in year 2007=hopefully we will all find the right paths to make us happier, healthier, and better boys in life.

More reflections coming soon-Aloha RJ Malfalfa

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